Policy and advisory library

The policy and advisory library provides transparency of Department of Education decision making and operations.

Policies provide formal statements on moral, ethical and legal matters to assist in decision making, for schools, students, parents and the wider school community on the provision of education and care services across the Northern Territory.

All policies on this website are current and enforceable. If the suggested review date has passed, the policy remains current until the review is undertaken.

Schools can create contextualised procedures or guidelines to ensure the department’s policy position is implemented in their workplace. Talk to your local school about these.

NTSchools staff can access the full library of polices on the Education Intranet. Note: this link will only work when you are logged into the ntschools network.

Latest updates

Find information on new policies, policies reviewed and updated and policies revoked. See the latest updates.

You can find policies using the categories below or the A-Z listing.