Student health, safety, wellbeing and behaviour

The policy information for child safety and wellbeing, and the support of children and students' health needs is below.

Behaviour and wellbeing

Read about behaviour and wellbeing.

Chaplaincy services in schools

After appropriate consultation with their school community, schools in the Northern Territory may appoint a chaplain to support the provision of pastoral care and emotional wellbeing.

Read about chaplaincy services in schools.

Personal digital devices in educational environments

The Personal digital devices in educational environments policy replaces the Mobile phones and electronic devices in the school environment policy and guidelines.

The new policy supports schools in developing and implementing local procedures to manage the use of personal digital devices in their educational environments. To assist school principals in consulting with their school community and implementing procedures that consider community input, the department has developed a consultation register template, and a school procedure with acceptable use form, that can be adapted to suit a school’s policy requirements.

Police in schools

Note: This is under review.

The school-based police program was launched in ten government schools at the start of term 4, 2018.

The Department of Education completed a review of the program in 2019 and the police in schools guidelines are currently being redrafted in response to the recommendations of the review.

The 2018 interim guidelines will remain available for reference until the revised guidelines are published.

Swimming and water safety

Last updated: 06 September 2022

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