The new Education Act and Education Regulations commenced 2 January 2016.

Work is currently underway to update policies, guidelines and other information sources to reflect the new Education Act and Regulations.

Some department policies may change or be altered throughout 2016. 

Read more about legislation and the changes and updates to policies following introduction of the Education Act 2015.

To find out more you can contact Legislation Services by calling (08) 8901 4990 or emailing legislation.services@nt.gov.au.

Current policies

Policies provide advice for schools, students, parents and the wider school community on the provision of education services and decision-making processes across the Northern Territory.

All policies on this website are current and enforceable. If the suggested review date has passed, the policy remains current until the review is undertaken.

Schools can create their own policies in addition to the departmental policies listed below.

Talk to your child's school about their local policies.

Last updated: 17 July 2017