Support for teachers

  • eLearn
    eLearn is an interactive website providing high-quality resources to support teaching, learning and school improvement.
  • Special education courses
    Online courses for school leaders, teachers and support staff working in special education.
  • Early years learning framework
    A national document for educators working in the birth to five year age group.
  • NT preschool curriculum
    A link to the ntschools website for more about the Northern Territory preschool curriculum.
  • Families as First Teachers (FaFT)
    A link to more information about the Families as First Teachers (FaFT) program for early learning and family support for remote Indigenous families.
  • Professional learning
    A link to the Northern Territory professional learning website for teachers.
  • NTSchools account for teachers
    How to access the ntschools website and obtain an ntschools account.
  • NTBOS Year 10 Curriculum
    NTCET Year 10 subject outlines and assessment plans for teachers in English, literacy, mathematics and numeracy, science. health and physical education, Stage 1 and 2 information and other documentation.
  • Careers and vocational education and training
    Resources for careers education, work experience and vocational education and training delivered to secondary students (VETDSS).
  • National and international assessments
    Information on national and international assessments.
  • Assessment of student competencies
    Resources to assess student competencies during transition.
  • Indigenous languages and culture: curriculum resources
    Resources for teachers for Indigenous language and culture.
  • Remote schools pathway grant
    Grant for remote schools to support students with a disability when they leave school.
  • Early childhood transition to school
    Information packages developed to support Northern Territory schools to develop, implement and review their transitioning processes.
  • Preschool STEM games
    Math games linked to the preschool curriculum which provide teachers with examples of age appropriate play-based mathematics activities.
  • Orientation and induction for teachers
    Information about support for teachers to meet their professional development and career needs while supporting teacher wellbeing.
  • NT Social and Emotional Learning
    Resources that cover key topics affecting students’ social and emotional wellbeing, including emotional literacy, personal strengths, positive coping, problem solving, stress management, help seeking, gender and identity, and positive gender relationships.
  • STEM in the Territory Strategy 2018-2022
    Information about the Science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) program and how to access the STEM strategy.
  • Student diversity
    Northern Territory schools are proud hosts to 50 per cent of students who have a language background other than English. Schools in the Northern Territory promote educational adjustments to 27 percent of students to meet their learning needs and provide access to the Australian curriculum.

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