2017 enrolment and attendance statistics

Enrolment and attendance data is collected eight times a year (at the beginning and end of each term).

In each term, the first reporting period covers weeks 1 to 4 and the second reporting period covers weeks 5 to 8.

The data shows the:

  • average enrolment number - the average enrolments of students over the four-week reporting period
  • attendance rate - the proportion of time students attend compared to the time they are expected to attend during the four-week period.

New enrolment and attendance processes were introduced in 2013 that provided a richer, more robust and highly validated dataset. Due to these enhancements, 2013 represents a break in series and therefore you shouldn't compare the data before 2013 to 2013 and onwards.


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Last updated: 21 May 2021

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