School representative bodies

Policy reform

SRB policies are currently under reform. New materials will be available in late 2022.

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School representative bodies provide a way for parents and community members to be involved with decisions at schools.

They work with the school to achieve the best outcomes for students.

Types of SRBs

There are 3 types of school representative bodies:

  • school council - an elected body of school and community members representing a government school
  • independent public school board - an elected body of school and community members representing a government school that is independent public school
  • joint school representative body - an elected body of members representing more than one government school.

School council

A school council works in partnership with the school principal to provide good governance, facilitate communication and ensure effective networking with school communities.

Joint school representative body

A joint school representative body provides shared advisory and strategic functions over the schools, although it does not have the financial functions that a council or board have.

If a school forms part of a joint body, the individual school must have a school management council to perform the financial functions.


For general guidance or training materials on SRBs' roles and responsibilities, contact the Northern Territory Council of Government School Organisations (NTCOGSO).

You can contact them by phone 08 8999 3255 or email For more information about NTCOGSO, go to the NTCOGSO website.

You can also contact the Department of Education by phone 08 8901 1383 or email

Last updated: 11 April 2022

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