NTBOS policies and guidelines

Curriculum, assessment, reporting and certification

The Northern Territory Board of Studies (NTBOS) is the peak body advising the Minister and the Chief Executive of the Northern Territory (NT) Department of Education on curriculum policy – from early childhood education through to the senior secondary years. The board provides expert advice on curriculum appropriate to the unique educational environment of the Territory and, on best practices in assessment, reporting and certification of achievement as learners progress in their journey from early childhood to Year 12.

The board’s new Curriculum, assessment, reporting and certification policy: early childhood to Year 12, provides the legislative context of the board’s role and sets out the standards and processes required to ensure that the NT education system promotes excellence and equity while delivering world-class curriculum and assessment.

Sets of specific policy documents, developed by each sector, will support this policy to give additional detail; focused on supporting best practice and implementation aligned to individual sector priorities.

The department is developing a policy response that articulates the principles and practices educators must use in delivering quality learning and assessment programs, and the reporting and certification requirements that communicate the learner’s progress. The policy will be published on the department’s School policies webpage where it will be accessible to NT educators from all sectors.

Last updated: 29 September 2021

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