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The annual NT School Survey is on again from Monday 12 August 2019 to Friday 30 August 2019.

The school survey collects the opinions of staff, students and their families about school performance, culture and services.

It contains questions that aim to provide schools with key insights into student wellbeing, engagement, and learning and school experiences from the perspective of our school community.

School survey poster for 2019

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How will taking part in this survey benefit students and my child’s school?

Your responses provide school leaders with your opinions on school services and students’ learning. Principals can use this information to help them identify what students, families and staff feel is important and what the school may need to change to improve school services.

It is an opportunity to offer direct feedback to principals and teachers, and for schools to put student, parent and staff voice at the center of their self-assessment and decision-making processes.

Who can participate?

The School Survey is conducted in all Northern Territory Government schools and is open for school staff, students and families to complete in Weeks 4-6, Term 3.

There are three different surveys designed specifically for:

  • Students in Years 5-12
  • Parents and carers of students at all year levels, including Preschool and Transition
  • School-based staff, including teaching and administration staff

Participation in the survey is voluntary. You can stop at any time if you feel uncomfortable with the questions or need further information about what is being asked.

How can I complete the survey?

The NT School Survey is quick and easy to complete survey that takes between 10 – 20 minutes.

It can be accessed and completed online on a computer, iPad, or smartphone. As each school’s survey is different, your school will send out a personalised link to staff, students and families so that you can complete the survey.

Paper copies of the survey are also available for teachers, students and families that don’t have access to online facilities. Schools also often provide access to computers and iPads to assist the school community complete their survey. Contact your school to find out more.

Will the school be able to identify me from my responses?

Your responses are anonymous, collected and stored without your name so your school will not be able to identify any particular person from the data.

All individual responses are kept confidential and strict rules are in place to safeguard this at every stage of the survey process.

How can I see my school’s results?

The 2019 School Survey collection period ends on 30 August. Make sure you get involved before this date!

Once the results are available, school are encouraged to use their main channels of communications with families and students to share the survey results. The information can help schools celebrate the things that are doing well and let you know the areas they will focus on improving.


To participate in the NT School Survey 2019, please contact your child’s school.

For more information on the NT School Survey, please contact the NT Department of Education:

tel: (08) 8999 5790 | e:

Frequently Asked Questions – What is the Student Survey and why does it matter? PDF (716.0 KB)

Frequently Asked Questions – What is the Parent and Carer Survey and why does it matter? PDF (719.2 KB)

Frequently Asked Questions – What is the Staff Survey and why does it matter? PDF (717.0 KB)

Last updated: 09 August 2019

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