Indigenous Education Strategy - Issue 16

Tony’s Message

I am pleased to report that negotiations to secure Federal Government funding are nearing completion and that planning for Stage Two of the 10 year Indigenous Education Strategy is now well underway.

Planning will be driven by the results of external performance evaluations and the feedback many of you provided throughout the consultation process.

This feedback will enable the continuous improvement of programs being delivered in Stage Two - so I thank everyone who took the time to make a contribution.

Recently, we have been working with schools in relation to their trainers and we met with teaching principals in Alice Springs to identify ways of making our programs even more effective in those schools.

It was particularly pleasing to see Employment Pathways tracking so far ahead of schedule and to hear everyone’s suggestions to drive its continued success.

As the end of the year rapidly approaches, we expect to see a number of substantial projects reaching major milestones.

The Social and Emotional Learning Curriculum is now in the final stages of proofing and an online edition will be made available to schools in early 2018.

The Indigenous Language and Culture Curriculum is also nearing completion.

The new curriculum comprises four different language pathways that reflect the diversity of students in the NT. From first language pathways for students using Aboriginal language in everyday communication, to second language and language revival pathways where students are learning and further developing proficiency, through to language and cultural awareness pathways to help students enhance their general understanding and appreciation of an Aboriginal language and associated culture.

Finally, I take great pleasure in sharing with you some of the stories and experiences we have seen unfold in this latest edition of the newsletter.

If you would like further information about anything in this newsletter please contact

Tony Considine, General Manager Indigenous Education Review Implementation

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Last updated: 21 November 2017

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