Quality Standards Framework for Flexible Education Programs

The Quality Standards Framework for Flexible Education Programs was launched by the Honourable Eva Lawler MLA, Minister for Education on Monday 24 October 2022, during Children’s Week 2022.

Implementation of the NT Education Engagement Strategy 2022-2031 is a key Department of Education strategic priority. Significant resources and plans are in place to assist this implementation with a direct focus on supporting schools and teachers.

The Quality Standards Framework for Flexible Education Programs (the framework) guides schools and flexible education program providers to consider what quality flexible education looks like and supports the planning and development of culturally responsive, inclusive programs that embrace diversity.

The development of the framework involved consultation and engagement with government schools and agencies as well as non-government education providers and community organisations.

The framework articulates the minimum standards for schools, and other providers who deliver flexible education programs. It outlines seven domains of quality and 19 elements of practice to support the enhancement of both existing and future flexible education programs. The domains include:

  • A safe and welcoming environment
  • Strong foundations
  • High quality learning content
  • A future focus
  • Holistic approach to learning
  • Leadership and staff
  • Collaboration and support

Implementation of the framework will commence in 2023 in established flexible learning centres, as well as schools and external providers who already deliver flexible education programs.

The framework is supported by a maturity model (a self-assessment tool) that enables schools and program providers to assess their current practice and determine what elements of their programs meet, exceed or require further development to fulfil to the standards.

The department will be working hard to develop a shared understanding about the strengths, needs and readiness of schools, including identifying effective innovations that might support gaps in current practice and resources required for successful implementation.

Schools and flexible education program providers will be supported by dedicated Flexible Education Advisers, who will provide high level targeted program advice to support schools to implement the standards and principles underpinning the framework into current practice. This will include promoting professional standards in schools and across flexible education programs. The department will repurpose and develop resources needed to engage in new ways of working and support the establishment of community of practices to provide regular opportunities to come together.

This is about inclusion for all students in all schools and flexible education programs. The framework will guide and support system-wide collaboration and improvement across the Northern Territory.


For more information, please contact Engagement Programs, Performance and Reporting at qsf.doe@education.nt.gov.au.

Last updated: 25 October 2022

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