Strategic plan

Education NT Strategic Framework 2018-2022

The Department of Education’s Strategic Framework 2018 -2022 sets the future direction of the department across the next five years.

The centrepiece of the framework is the Education NT Strategy 2018-22, which commits to a strong public education system that gives every child the opportunity to engage, grow and achieve.

The strategy has five focus areas:

  • School leadership – leaders lift performance
  • Quality teaching – students learn to their potential
  • Differentiated support – tailored, evidence-based strategies to support schools and students
  • Community engagement – strong partnerships with students, parents the community and industry to inform our decisions
  • Data and accountability – systems inform and improve our performance

Development of the strategy included extensive engagement with 41 face-to-face consultations attended by 1054 students, teachers, principals, community members, regional and corporate staff and key stakeholder groups.

Strategic Plan 2018-2020

Last updated: 28 November 2017