School suspensions data

From 2021, suspension data is reported every semester.

Information about this data:

  1. Data in this report is sourced from the Northern Territory (NT) Department of Education's enrolment and attendance and behaviour datasets.
  2. Data is current at the time of publication.
  3. The average enrolment number is the average enrolments of students over the reporting period.
  4. Number of students suspended is the number of individual students that have been suspended. A student can be suspended more than once.
  5. Data on suspensions is subject to change. This data should be considered indicative only.
  6. Data is inclusive of NT Government schools only.

Suspension is focused on ensuring that the wellbeing and safety of students and staff is maintained, so learning can be conducted in a safe and supportive environment.

In addition to the suspension guidelines PDF (888.7 KB), schools have behaviour management policies and processes in place to de-escalate dysregulated behaviour, re-engage students and promote wellbeing. These have been developed in consultation with the school council or board to ensure that it is reflective of the school and its values.

2021 average enrolment and suspension data - semester 1

Region Average enrolment Number of students suspended
Barkly region 1,387 38
Big Rivers region 3,800 190
Central region 4,509 78
Darwin region 12,061 234
East Arnhem region 2,741 22
Top End region 9,824 220

Suspension statistics archive

Last updated: 15 February 2022

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