Report on Occupational Violence and Aggression in Northern Territory Government schools

Executive Summary

In April 2021, the Department for Education NT (the department) formed the Positive Behaviour and Occupational Violence in Schools Taskforce (the taskforce). The establishment of the taskforce was a priority action under the Education NT School Leader Wellbeing Action Plan 2021-25 with the purpose to investigate occupational violence and aggression in NT Government schools and make recommendations to eliminate or reduce the incidence and risk of occupational violence and aggression incidents occurring.

Occupational violence and aggression toward school staff is a highly complex issue influenced by multiple factors. While occupational violence and aggression against school staff is generally considered to be caused by children and young people, it can also be caused by parents and carers, family members and the wider community.

Addressing occupational violence and aggression in schools requires a comprehensive response in collaboration with and support of community leaders and members. It is important that department provides appropriate response to school staff following an incident so that school staff receive the support they need, which will contribute to a positive reporting culture.

This report presents 17 recommendations for the reduction and elimination of incidence and risk, and the management and mitigation of employee physical and psychological injury, as a result of violence and aggression in NT schools. The first recommendation is to establish a governance committee within the department, chaired by an Executive, whose responsibility will be to facilitate the implementation of the recommendations.

Download the Positive Behaviour and Occupational Violence in Schools Taskforce Report PDF (2.0 MB)

Last updated: 02 November 2022

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