Framework for Inclusion 2019 - 2029

The Department of Education has released the Framework for Inclusion 2019-2029.

The framework recognises that any learner may need additional support at some stage. It promotes an environment in Northern Territory Government schools which is inclusive, fair and focused on delivering learning to meet individual needs.

Priority actions to guide the implementation of the framework fall into three themes:

  1. Actions focused on children and students, families and communities
  2. Actions focusing on developing the capability of schools and school staff, and
  3. Actions focused on improving system.

The framework will be implemented in three phases – 2019-22; 2023-2025; and 2026-2028. Progress will be reviewed at the end of each phase, to measure our impact and facilitate planning for the next phase. The framework will be evaluated in 2029.

Over the coming months, the Department of Education will consult with schools, departmental staff, the sector and other key stakeholders on an implementation plan for Phase 1 of the framework.


For more information, contact Student Wellbeing and Inclusion on (08) 8944 9257 or email

Last updated: 11 March 2019

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