Tests of Reading Comprehension (TORCH)

Curriculum focusEnglish: Comprehension
Target year level 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10
DescriptionTORCH is a test of reading comprehension. Students read a passage and then complete a cloze comprehension re-telling of the passage to demonstrate their understanding. The items test a range of different comprehension skills. There are 12 passages in TORCH and 8 in TORCH plus. TORCH Plus includes the four most challenging tests from TORCH 2nd Edition and four new tests designed to challenge middle secondary students.
Assessment durationApproximately 30 – 45 minutes (untimed)
Assessment administrationConducted on paper with individuals or groups.
Assesssment potentialConsidered most useful for:
  • a broad estimate of reading achievement
  • assessing the extent to which objectives of the school's reading curriculum are being achieved
  • confirming or supplementing other estimates of a student's achievement in reading
  • providing information which may be used in setting realistic goals and planning effective programs of work
  • identifying students who are making unsatisfactory progress so that they may be given special diagnostic and remedial attention
  • locating areas of weakness and strength for individuals or within a class
  • monitoring student reading achievement over time.

Tests of Reading Comprehension Plus (TORCH Plus)

ReportsEach of the summary reports provide detailed analysis that enables teachers to establish what type of items a student is answering correctly and incorrectly.
Diagnostic power levels3
Validity and reliabilityNorm-referenced
Preparation requirementsConsiderations:
  • familiarity with the administration manual.
  • scoring and interpretation of the test results may require additional time and training for teachers.
Support and materials
  • Both manuals contain photocopiable masters of administration instructions, individual reports and TORCH descriptive reports
  • An excel spreadsheet for recording student responses is available by contacting ACER customer service, toll free 1800 338 402
  • Teaching and Learning with TORCH provides detailed diagnostic reports and teaching strategies.
Assessment providerAustralian Council for Educational Research (ACER)
Teacher commentsIf you would like to include a comment about your experiences with Tests of Reading Comprehension Plus (TORCH Plus) please email to assessreport.decs@ntschools.net

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Teaching and Learning with TORCH

Further informationContact ACER Customer Service on 1800 338402 or email sales@acer.edu.au.

Last updated: 14 August 2019

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