Gifted and talented students (G&T)

The Department of Education uses Gagné’s (2008) Differentiated Model of Giftedness and/or Talent. Intellectually gifted students are students whose potential is distinctively above average in intelligence; and talented students are those whose academic skills are distinctively above average compared to same aged peers. The model notes natural abilities (gifts) can be in the areas of mental (intellectual, creative, social and/or perceptual) and physical (muscular and motor control). Gagné states that talent comes from giftedness through a complex process of development and influences including teaching and learning opportunities.

How to identify

The department uses data and evidence to identify intellectual giftedness and/or academic talents by using both qualitative and quantitative identification tools. For example:

Gifts (high potential) Talents (high performance)
Rating scales NAPLAN
Checklists Student achievement data/school reports
Nominations Portfolios of student work
Standardised cognitive assessments Parent/teacher nomination

Support options

There are varied approaches offered to gifted and talented learners in Northern Territory schools. Some of these options include:

  • differentiated instruction within regular classrooms
  • provision of extension and enrichment opportunities in other learning environments
  • partial, whole grade or radical acceleration
  • curriculum compacting and/or telescoping
  • ability grouping
  • cluster grouping.

Using a tiered response to support diverse learners, teachers can map the level of need for gifted students. The tiered response helps teachers identify the level of pedagogical and curriculum adjustments that may be needed for a gifted student to be challenged and engaged in their learning.

The tiered response progresses from differentiated practices at Tier 1 through to increasingly targeted interventions, such as partial and whole grade acceleration, at tiers 2 and 3.


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Last updated: 21 May 2020

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