Orientation and induction for remote teachers

Ongoing support

The prior to commencement and on arrival support will have helped you to become familiar with the school and community.

You will have:

  • established your professional growth plan with your principal or line manager
  • met with your line manager to seek feedback on your role
  • established an ongoing collegial relationship with your mentor
  • visited the EAL/D Hub to reflect on your developing understanding of teaching Indigenous learners
  • reflected on how your own cultural norms impact on the way you view yourself and the community.

Professional learning

Working with your principal and line manager, you will continue to engage with professional learning, formal mentoring and networking opportunities as identified in your professional growth plan.

Maintaining teacher registration requires documented evidence of ongoing professional learning. It is the responsibility of all teachers to maintain records of any professional learning activities undertaken.

Read more about professional learning.


You will have established a mentoring relationship and be meeting regularly with your mentor for the common purpose of development and learning. You are able to utilise your mentoring relationship to:

  • accelerate professional standards and overall performance
  • meet the requirements of the Teacher Registration Board of the Northern Territory to move from provisional to full registration
  • clarify significant decisions
  • gain additional perspectives and different ways of thinking
  • discuss current issues and how they may impact the individual, team, school and community
  • gain insights into the way the school and community works
  • access networks and draw upon relevant school and community resources
  • think about challenges to take proactive steps and move forward
  • challenge assumptions and perspectives
  • seek guidance on best practice and team teaching approaches.


You can utilise your mentor, teaching team and other colleagues to:

  • actively participate in on-site professional learning opportunities
  • collaborate in planning, teaching and assessing student learning
  • develop a deeper understanding of the community including family groups, languages and local events.

You will be encouraged to share professional reflections and advice with your colleagues as part of the process to develop other teachers in the Northern Territory.

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Last updated: 06 January 2021

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