Employ a VETDSS teacher or trainer

In September 2004, the teacher registration was introduced to facilitate the safety, quality and competence of the teaching profession in the Northern Territory (NT).

Who is eligible

If your school intends to employ a VETDSS trainer, they must be registered with the Teacher Registration Board of the NT (TRB).

This includes those that do not hold the prescribed qualifications for registration, but have requisite skills that a school wants to employ them to teach under an 'authority to teach' registration.

If the trainer is not a teacher

If your school intends to employ a VETDSS trainer that is not a teacher, the principal must apply through the TRB for an 'authority to employ'.

They must complete form C and submit to the TRB. To find the form, go to the TRB website.

Notes about form C:

  • Parts A and C of the form are completed by the principal, who, for the purpose of authorisation, the TRB considers to be the employer, regardless of human resource arrangements.
  • Part B of the form is to be completed by the prospective employee - VETDSS trainer.
  • The category of authorisation for a VETDSS trainer is category 2 - a person who has specialist knowledge and skills.

The authorisation is valid for 12 months.

You must submit new applications each year. You can't renew the authorisation.

To learn more about the authority to employ and VETDSS, go to the TRB website.

Learn more about VETDSS

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For educators, go to the vocational education and training webpage on eLearn.


For more information, contact the Industry Training and Partnerships unit:

Last updated: 06 April 2022

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