JobSkills funding for VET delivered to secondary students

This information may help school staff who are responsible for the coordination, administration, and resulting of VET.

JobSkills is a flexible vocational education and training delivered to secondary students (VETDSS) funding initiative.

It is allocated for projects, resources and accredited and non-accredited training that supports VETDSS outcomes for school students.

Funding is paid directly to schools as a grant.

The below are example of items funded under JobSkills:

  • first aid
  • working at heights
  • white card
  • other training, projects or resources essential to VET outcomes.

Funding requirements

Students will only be funded if they are enrolled in a VET course and the training is directly linked to their course outcome.

Course funding must be pre-approved. Funding will not be paid in retrospect for courses that have not gained approval prior to delivery.

Funding applications must have student numbers, costing and qualification the training is linked to.

Students can only be funded once per course during their school life. This means if they do first aid in year 10, they can’t access JobSkills in year 11 for first aid.

Urban and regional specific requirements include:

  • courses need to have a minimum of 10-15 students
  • where courses are not full, contact the appropriate regional VET projects manager to discuss.

How to apply for funding

When applying for funding, schools must follow the step below:

Step 1. Get quotes from suppliers.

Step 2. Fill in the JobSkills form.

You must complete the form correctly by making it clear which qualification the training will align to.

Step 3. Submit the completed application form, including quotes signed by the school principal, to

Applications are reviewed at a fortnightly meeting and approval will be sent to you.

Once the application has been approved, a funding grant will be issued to your school.

If approved for funding

Schools must complete all of the following:

Step 1. Pay the supplier from the grant funding once supplier invoice has been received.

Step 2. Use the proof of payment and invoice to acquit grant funds.

Step 3. Email the completed form to


For more information, contact the Industry Training and Partnerships unit:

Last updated: 06 April 2022

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