Funding for VET delivered to secondary schools

Vocational education and training delivered in secondary schools (VETDSS) is funded and managed by the Department of Education (the department).

The department funds registered training organisations (RTO) directly to deliver VETDSS across the Northern Territory (NT).

The department also funds courses that are aligned to occupational outcomes pertinent to today’s job market and are key in the engagement of remote community students in employment opportunities in their local context.

Charles Darwin University (CDU) provides the majority of VETDSS across the NT.

In the middle of the year, the department will request each RTO to submit their delivery capabilities for next year.

How RTOs are funded

Selection to fund an RTO is based on:

  • the courses they offer are aligned to the NT Government Economic Development Framework
  • the courses are pathways to jobs in skill shortage areas
  • the number of schools with students interested in studying the qualification
  • courses linked to Department of Industry, Tourism and Trade’s (DITT) school-based apprenticeship and traineeship high intake industry areas
  • Trade Training Centre approved qualifications
  • any RTO who has reached 100% of their Australian Vocational Education and Training Management Information Statistical Standard (AVETMISS) annual hours of curriculum (AHC) deliverables in previous years.

If selected, an RTO will be sent a funding offer listing the qualifications and target AHC.

If an RTO agrees to the funding offer, a training contract will be issued.

Funds are calculated in accordance with DITT’s industry provider rates. Read more about private provider AHC rates on the NT Government website.

Payment of the training contract

Payment of the training contract is divided into the following payments:

  • payment 1 – 50% of agreed total funding amount upon signing of the contract
  • payment 2 – 30% of agreed total funding amount upon receipt of AVETMISS compliant data demonstrating resulted AHC of at least 50% of the target AHC of the training contract
  • payment 3 – 20% of agreed total funding amount upon receipt of AVETMISS compliant data with finalised enrolment outcomes and target AHC of the training contract achieved.

Upon receipt of the final AVETMISS compliant data for the training year, the third and final payment will be processed when an acquittal is completed.

The acquittal will list the qualifications, target AHC and resulted AHC. If the target AHC has not been achieved, the RTO will only be paid for the remaining resulted AHC.

In the event of an overpayment, the department may seek reimbursement of grant funds or offset against future payments.

Training in regional or remote locations has a delivery allowance in addition to the industry rate as follows:

  • regional – 15%
  • remote – 70%.

Read more about delivery allowance for VETDSS funded programs on the NT Government website.

Learn more about VETDSS

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For more information, contact the Industry Training and Partnerships unit:

Last updated: 06 April 2022

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