Overview of Research Approval Process

The general framework to obtain permission to conduct research in the department involves three distinct phases of consent, as outlined below. 

Approval/consent is required at each phase of the sequential process before research can commence.

Phase 1: Research approval process

The Research and Evaluation Team (RET) is responsible for managing the research approval process before research is conducted in Northern Territory government schools. 

Once a research proposal has been approved by the department’s Research Advisory Committee, the researcher will receive a letter of approval to conduct research. 

Read more on the processing, review and approval of applications, and variations to approved research.

Phase 2: School consent

After obtaining approval to conduct research (Phase 1), researchers must obtain consent from school principal(s) prior to contacting teachers, or other school staff in relation to their research proposal. 

In gaining school consent, the department’s letter of approval to conduct research should be provided to the school principal(s).

Phase 2: Data custodian consent

Subsequent to the researcher receiving the department’s letter of approval to conduct research, requests to obtain department owned data, if required, can then be negotiated with the department’s Performance and Data Management team.

Note: School principals or any other departmental staff are not authorised to provide department owned data directly to researchers, without specific written approval from the department.

Phase 3: Consent from individual participants

Researchers must get the consent of all people they have asked to participate in a research project – before the research starts. The department is unlikely to approve an application if the researcher has only asked for passive or ‘opt-out’ consent.  

More information about research

For more information read about research and the phase 1 – research approval process.

Last updated: 10 July 2019


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