Buwaray Raykurayku – Gälpu Dhäruk


After 27 years, the Literature Production Centre (LPC), Shepherdson College were extremely proud to publish and launch Buwaray Raykurayku – Gälpu Dhäruk (Gälpu Word Book).

This one of a kind resource is the legacy of Gälpu woman, Literacy Worker and author, Marilyn Ganyinurru Gurruwiwi. She devised this book in the early 1990s to support students who were speaking Gälpu, were affiliated with the clan or with the Yolŋu language group it belongs to – the Dhaŋu group.

The author passed in 2002. Final oversight of the project was with her eldest daughter, Miriam Yirriṉiṉba, Language Consultant at CDU.

With over 1700 entries, all accompanied by a picture and a story, everything is in Gälpu. The work in creating the text, graphics and editing was undertaken by Gälpu or close family members such as wives, mothers and children. All 14 contributors or their descendants participated in the launch ceremony and were presented with a copy of the book.

Supporting the project have been Bilingual Education specialist staff, as well as ARDS and Batchelor Press.

Yirrininba, Language Consultant and daughter of the author, expressed that "seeing this book completed and launched through traditional ceremony and song is ‘märrmirr’ – empowering for the families and students who should be speaking and learning Dhaŋu".

Shepherdson College Literacy Worker and Djambarrpuyŋu woman, Sherilyn Dhamarraṉdji, added that "it is also inspiring and encouraging for other language groups to work on their own languages".

It is incredibly exciting to see this exceptionally unique and insightful resource, which was a vision of Marilyn Ganyinurru Gurruwiwi’s, finally come to life.

The book is now for sale online – you can purchase it by going to the Talking Namba website.

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