Yarralin garden grows kids


A school garden newly installed at remote Yarralin School will become a source of nutritious foods to students learning agricultural skills.

The students have mastered basic techniques, such as correctly using a shovel, and with the help of a builder, the pipe cutting and joinery skills needed to construct a sprinkler system.

Teacher Dennis Dean said: “Hopefully the students will become adept at growing and harvesting wholesome food plants, and apply these practices at home.

“What is learnt at school can be expanded into a food resource for the isolated community.

“We will plant corn, tomatoes, pumpkin, zucchini, sweet potatoes and snake beans.

“Herbs, and fruits such as paw paw, mango, custard apples and bananas are future options, and a bush tucker garden may be included.”

Mr Dean hopes the project will create a philosophy of sustainability that will extend for generations.

Shoveling manure for the school garden
Shoveling manure for the school garden.

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