Wheelchair navigation tested in rugby clashes


A final score of 12 to 8 ended wheelchair rugby games between mixed Katherine High School and St Joseph’s College sides.

The recent competition was a skills development opportunity for the years 10 to 12 high school contenders.

Katherine High School health and physical education teacher, Nina Jones, said the students were challenged to manoeuvre 15 wheelchairs modified for rugby, basketball, tennis and hockey.

“The chairs match the bodies of impaired athletes to maximise their game performance,” she said.

“By competing, our students learnt about potential physical barriers in sports and tested their ability to navigate around cones, roll forwards and backwards, and complete 360 degree turns.

“From this, the school plans to field two teams in a dry season interschool wheelchair rugby contest.”

Ms Jones said the event built on classroom lessons about inclusion and participation in sport.

Katherine students and wheelchair rugby

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