Voices valued at Ntaria FaFT


The Ntaria Families as First Teachers [FaFT] works with families to improve the development of Indigenous children, and ease their transition to school.

Ntaria FaFT family educator, Gowree Nagatharan, said FaFT is a structured early learning and family engagement program “based on the voices of families, and what they want for their children”.

“We focus on life skills, child and maternal health, and building children’s early literacy and numeracy foundations,” she said.

“We support up to 39 families through workshops, including maternal and child health, nutrition, financial management, and hygiene and home care.

“Cultural commemorations and events, such as Book Week, NAIDOC, and the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Children’s Day, encourage families to participate in FaFT.

“And the creativity and flexibility of our programs — especially those run in the community — have really increased family and student engagement.”

Ms Nagatharan said Learning on Country events are planned throughout the year.

“We try to do this once or twice each Term,” she said. “Family guided Learning on Country lessons promote connections to traditional cultural practices.

“In a recent excursion, families taught the children to look for Yalka (bush onion) and cooked kangaroo tails.”

Families are important teachers of culture
Families are important teachers of culture

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