Una joins the ISS


A world of cosmic delights awaited 50 Anula Primary School students at National Simultaneous Storytime.

During the annual read-a-thon the same picture book is read simultaneously by schoolchildren across the nation.

NASA astronaut Dr Shannon Walker led this year’s literacy event by reading the picture book Give me some Space! from the International Space Station.

Anula Primary School librarian Lana Twyford said the book describes the mission of little girl Una who dreams of life in space.

“The school’s library, decorated with orbitally arranged planets, a rocket, stars and space-related books, was the venue for the group reading,” she said.

“Students have been coming to me during the week to tell me things they’ve learnt from reading the space books on display.

“They enjoyed Una's search for life in space, and her acceptance of Earth as the ‘most spectacular spaceship in the Universe,’”

Ms Twyford, a qualified geoscientist and sea floor mapper, dressed as a NASA scientist to recite the book .

Lana Twyford and her students.
Lana Twyford and her students.

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