Students teach boating skills


Students have become teachers in Baniyala Garrangali School’s maritime course.

Last year, five students received the Certificate I in Maritime Operations (Coxswain Grade 2 Near Coastal).

They are now working with a Charles Darwin University trainer to educate 12 new students working towards the Certificate 1.

The coastal East Arnhem Land school runs the year-long course, including units on basic survival skills after vessel abandonment, on board fire management, work health and safety, environmental work practices, and seamanship skills on vessels up to 12 metres long.

Principal Cameron Adams said the 2020 graduates are the experts “leading the learning” in a power sharing model.

“This is where students are empowered to demonstrate their knowledge, competence and leadership as teachers,” he said.

“The certificate holders from last year are now very close to the 200 sea hours needed to fully qualify them for their coxswain’s licence.

“These students can see clear links to various work pathways, including Land/Sea Ranger as we nurture a Memorandum of Understanding connecting the school and the IPA Yirralka Rangers program.

“And the Baniyala Garrangali Aboriginal Corporation has partnered with many companies helping to build local industries in sea cucumber ranching, tourism and commercial fishing.”

This year the school will build — with the help of the community — a shed to hold the two 4.85-metre training boats, and a workspace for purposes connected to school programs.

Picture: Certificate I in Maritime Operations trainees.

Baniyala maritime students

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