Students spruik Venusian orbiter


The Beyond the Stars Agency is one of two finalists in Division 5/6 of the national Junior Space Design Competition.

The year 2087 marketing consultancy was the brainchild of Samritha, Scarlett, Alina and Gianna — space age publicists and Nakara Primary School students.

The 17 September shortlisting recognised the agency’s 90-second video advertisement for The Foundation Society, builder of Aphroditav — the first large space settlement to orbit Venus.

The promotion was designed to attract second round funding to finish construction of the residential and mining operations base.

Teacher Jo Masters said the challenge was limited to years 5 to 8 students working in teams of four to “conceptualise settlement development and advocate second stage investment”.

“In advertising for new venture capital, the team emphasised the planet’s advantageous proximity to Earth, compared to the more distant and industrialised Asteroid Belt and Mars,” she said.

“They stressed a new generation of miners and extended space exploration as enterprise benefits, and included enticing profits on the $2,000,000 initial outlay.

“Their brief reflected confidence in the potential to mine deposits with unique and economically valuable properties.”

The competition entry was part of the school’s Learning in Action program, encouraging years 5 and 6 students to pursue their areas of interest.

At the 24 October final, judges at The University of Queensland will announce the winner.

The assessment criteria will be creativity, plausibility, thoroughness and balance.

(Left to right): Gianna, Samritha, Scarlett and Alina.

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