Student leaders give voice to Palmerston positives


Student leaders from Palmerston College are embracing their role in Student Voice Positive Choice, and looking at ways they can share the positive message and include others in the program.

The team attended workshops focussing on active listening, teamwork, communication skills, and what makes a student leadership team effective – all skills that will help them in their student leader roles.

Assistant principal Jane Whiteaker said: ”Led by our talented teacher mentors, the leaders brainstormed and began planning inclusive events and activities, and examined ways to further involve years 7 to 12 students in Student Voice Positive Choice.

“The team will continue learning and applying practical skills in Student Peer Coaching, our whole college program encouraging the sharing of successful learning strategies.”

For Year 11 student Joshua Limon the one-day event was motivational, and a valuable source of ideas for 2021.

“I enjoyed the games that encouraged us to interact with each other, including student leaders on the other [years 7 to 9] campus,” he said.

“The day gave us an overview of what we were going to be doing as student leaders.

“It inspired us for the year, and gave us lots of ideas for what we could do for the school.”

Student Voice embodies the core values of respect, compassion, courage and positivity, and aims to make uplifting changes by promoting a sense of justice, and by endorsing the worth of each person.

Picture: Students enjoy the benefits of collaboration.

Student leaders

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