Strength and Spirit


The Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Children’s Day celebration at Ntaria School was attended by about 93 children and 50 adult community members.

FaFT Family Educator Gowree Nagatharan said the event demonstrated a “strong engagement with different customs, and the event theme Strong in Culture, Proud in Spirit”.

“Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Children’s Day was an opportunity to acknowledge diversity in our school, and reflect on heritage as an enriching experience,” she said.

“The day’s activities included bush medicine workshops, weaving and beading, the preparation of customary food such as kangaroo tails, and the Torres Strait Island hangi [a meal cooked underground].

“On these occasions we hope children learn about the impacts of family and customs in their lives, and in the community.

“We’ve been working to include more family members in these ceremonies.

“In this second Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Children’s Day, many male family members participated.”

Cooking damper
Damper (Bush bread) is cooked in hot coals. Traditionally, it is made from a dough of crushed native seeds.

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