Shepherdson students master shipboard safety


Seafaring students at Shepherdson College have successfully finished a four-part course offered by the school’s Maritime Academy.

Using a Department of Education boat, eight students have completed the Shipboard Safety Skill Set, comprising survival after abandoning a vessel, firefighting, work health and safety, and survival using a survival craft.

The Elcho Island students will undertake the Certificate 1 in Maritime Operations next year, before studying for the Coxswain grade 2 near coastal certificate.

Maritime Academy trainer Alex Payne said: “The coxswain’s certificate permits the command in sheltered waters of a vessel up to 12 metres not carrying passengers.

“The academy prepares students for many careers, including the commercial fishing industry, transport and logistics, tourism and conservation, and with the Marthakal Rangers and NT Water Police.

“Recreational boating is an important part of life on Elcho Island, and this program gives students the opportunity to learn how to enjoy this activity safely.”

Collegians and their training boat, Djapi1.
Collegians and their training boat, Djapi1.

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