Set to open circus


Ludmilla Primary School students from Transition to Year 6 are performing circus acts.

They are becoming practiced jugglers, balancers and tumblers, unicycle tricksters and human pyramid builders.

The school is working with Corrugated Iron Youth Arts instructors in a project that began as a student engagement idea.

Principal Carol Putica said: “The students’ skills and enthusiasm were so evident that we saw the benefits of the program beyond engagement.

“Now about 120 students are involved in learning that promotes high order thinking, creativity and problem solving.

“And the children appreciate that persistence, cooperation, and a commitment to accuracy are central to the circus program.

“These qualities are helping all aspects of our students’ learning. For some, it is the first time they’ve linked effort to results.”

The circus will be relaunched with a school assembly performance at 8am, 26 March.

Circus Ludmilla Primary School

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