River a ribbon of learning


Robinson River preschoolers and FaFT children recently visited nearby Robinson River to collect litter, and use Garrawa to name watercourse inhabitants.

The isolated community — 1114km from Darwin — emphasises environmental and cultural sustainability.

Acting Principal of Robinson River School, Chris Errington said: “The walking excursion was an opportunity to reinforce the importance of caring for country, and identify living things using Garrawa — the local language.

“Up to eight visitors learnt about gathering and cooking bush tucker — such as turtles, fish and bush fruit, the history of the community, and honed their numeracy and literacy skills by sorting collections of rocks, shells and leaves.

“But they also named insects, crayfish, turtles and bush foods — an exercise that draws children into a stronger emotional bond with the environment.”

Mr Errington said the children help plan the trips, developing critical thinking and collaborative skills, improving their ability to communicate, and their attention to detail.

Robinson River clean up
Robinson River clean up.

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