Resilience STEMs from fun games


​Making games — and a cardboard game arcade — has boosted the academic and personal development of Year 3/4 Moulden Park Primary School students.

Science, literacy, numeracy, and social and emotional learning were incorporated into a teaching unit.

To explore the elements of good games and good player behaviour, the 58 students created 14 games — including ball and hoop toss, marble runs and table tennis.

Teacher Jessica McAusland said identifying and conforming to appropriate gaming conduct enhances the resilience of students.

“The students recognised several important principles, such as fairness, being kind, encouraging others, and it’s ok not to win,” she said.

“Using these values, and celebrating the achievements of others, are ways to increase resilience.”

“The activity was also an exploration of forces, angles and 3D objects in Forces and Functions, our science, technology, engineering and mathematics [STEM] inquiry.

“Students enjoy STEM inquiries, and they were thoroughly engaged in the gaming class lessons.”

A basketball [ball toss] game.

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