Pet pigs pampered by avid readers


Two Ross Park Primary School students, and two guinea pigs, have a mutually beneficial relationship.

Transition year Mitchel and Scotty are now reading to their furry friends at the Alice Springs-based school.

The formerly reluctant readers tell their tales to the sociable rodents each day.

Principal Suzi Burgess said: “One day Scotty put cushions on the floor [and] got a guinea pig, and Mitchel got a book, and they started reading together.

“The guinea pigs were adopted by Transition teacher Joanne Moller, and became class pets.

“The students observe them, and learn how to hold and care for them.

“But Mitchel and Scotty have taken the project a step further, choosing a range of books to entertain our classroom additions.”

The readers are improving their literacy and engagement at the school.

The guinea pigs have joined a pet collection of fish, a bearded dragon, and a budgie.

Ross Park guinea pigs
Mitchel (left) and Scotty read to a favourite classmate.

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