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The Solar System has moved into Ida Standley Preschool. The cosmic crush has helped the Alice Springs preschoolers understand planetary dynamics and space exploration.

The children have built planets, learned their positions, and constructed a vehicle to trundle through Martian dust.

Teacher-In-Charge Jenny Earls said the 46 students made many planets, including Mercury, Jupiter and Earth, and created a painted handmade model of outer space.

“They learnt about Moon rock-collecting rovers, and the life-seeking Perseverance — the wheeled robot gathering rocks on Mars, and the first to carry a helicopter,” she said.

“We watched news about this amazing event, and made our own Perseverance with a digger to collect small samples on Mars.

“The children loved playing in this buggy, and will shortly bring their Mars samples to Earth.”

The astronomical adventurers also built and measured themselves against a one-metre meteorite.

Ida Standley in Perseverance

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