New teacher loves “shining moments”


First-time educator Gemma Henderson is thoroughly motivated at the end of her inaugural school term.

The Anula Primary School teacher, who expected the Term 1 start to her new career to be “more overwhelming”, said the support of her colleagues has been invaluable, and mastering hurdles has been stimulating.

“Helping my diverse Year 3/4 students to be successful learners has been one of the biggest challenges,” she said.

“But the shining moments come when students are proud of understanding a new strategy or concept.

“To keep my class engaged I take them outside into different learning environments.”

The self-confessed perfectionist is keen to apply plans and practices used successfully by her colleagues.

“I’m open to learning what other teachers apply in their classrooms,” she said.

“I really want to have positive impacts on my students, and the school community.

“Term 1 has been amazing. I have loved every minute. I am learning so much from the wonderful people around me.”

Gemma Henderson

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