New horizons at Alekarenge


A vocational educational and training (VET) program at Alekarenge School is broadening career opportunities for its students.

The scheme is a collaboration with Centrefarm — the organisation driving Aboriginal economic development.

The Central Australian students are building agriculture-related skills at Lhurna Therrk training farm near the school.

Principal Colin Kiel said two extra commercial farms would join the existing ventures, opening up more opportunities for students.

“The 2020 start was a pre-VET program for years 7 to 9 students,” he said.

“The program is now training years 10 to 12 students, offering them an alternative to boarding school. The school-managed VET is engaging 29 young people.

“The 2020 pre-VET junior students are now engaged in a garden-based program, using the newly constructed FoodLadder greenhouse and a twice-weekly trainer.

“The scheme received community input, giving it local endorsement and shared ownership.”

Mr Kiel said other trainee programs will be introduced later this year.

“To our current certificates in agriculture we will add certificates in mechanics, hospitality and retail,” he said.

“We will also help our years 10 to 12 students to get their Driver Licence later this year. An understanding of the road rules, and a commitment to road safety, must accompany their growing independence.”

New horizons

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