Melt in the mouth


Pancakes made from honey, fresh fruit, and a touch of love, were happily eaten by Girraween Primary School students today.

The tasty treats were served on Pancake Day, this year falling on Tuesday 16 February.

The delectable delicacies, flipped to perfection by teachers and parents, tantalised the taste buds of 18 junior flat cake connoisseurs.

Teacher Anna Piantoni said pre-Lent Shrove Tuesday was a “cooking, smelling, flipping and tasting sensation”.

“Through play and songs we wanted to share fun messages about making pancakes,” she said.

“We also hoped the children learnt Pancake Day was a cultural celebration, and enjoyed it with our families as part of building relationships.”

Teacher Sarah Heathwood said forging those connections welcomed new families into the school.

“COVID-19 pretty much shutdown events, so Pancake Tuesday served to reintroduce society into the Girraween school community,” she said.

Girraween pancakes
Girraween pancakes

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