Kids’ Kriol enlivens Journey


A Kriol narrative is being added to the wordless picture book Journey.

Ngukurr School students are applying their first language to a wonderland tale of magic, adventure and danger.

Teacher Tim Allman said: “Writing in Kriol is a new experience for the students. But working on the Aaron Becker book has developed their linguistic skills, and enhanced their confidence as first language storytellers.

“To produce short texts matching the book’s illustrations we brainstorm vocabulary in English and translate it into Kriol together.

“We always provide students with Kriol sentence starters so they can begin the writing process with confidence.

‘Now they are more confident Kriol writers — they ‘sound out’ and spell unfamiliar words — they enjoy using the language creatively.”

Mr Allman said the students, who gather each week to translate the book page by page, aim to produce their own in-depth bilingual story by the end of the year.

“The school’s Kriol speaking assistant teacher Euan Andrews contributes strongly to the ongoing program,” he said.

“It is backed by the Yugul Mangi Development Aboriginal Corporation through collaborator Greg Dickson of the Kriol reinforcing Meigim Kriol Strongbala.”

Leo Ashley holds his interpretation of Journey.

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