Earth, environments, and exhibits


The Eco School credentials of Girraween Primary School were highlighted during its 22 September Field Day.

The annual event exhibited school resource projects, including recycling food scraps as goat and chicken fodder, making paper from used paper, the school farm, applying chicken manure fertilizer, and jam production.

Principal Megan McKenzie said the Field Day was a chance to demonstrate students’ efforts to reduce negative impacts on the Earth.

“The Field Day theme — Sowing the seeds for a healthy future — followed research into ongoing changes to the Earth and its environments,” she said.

“The students constructed virtual Minecraft worlds, and papier-mâché models of significant Australian land sites, to describe planetary and environmental alterations.

“Field days illustrate the sustainability ethos of the school, display the results of students’ inquiries, and encourage information sharing with attendees.”

The 507 guests included Taminmin Community Library, Asthma Foundation NT, Gamba Army members, Be Crocwise, Nakara Primary [Eco] School students, the Weed Management Branch, and children’s book author Di Lucas.

Students change the Earth by interacting with Minecraft worlds.

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