Dripstone triumphant at tournament


Dripstone Middle School teams have eclipsed rivals in two divisions of the 2021 Tournament of Minds.

The annual clash — involving government and non-government contenders — tested the creative thinking and problem solving skills of primary and secondary school students in Language Literature, Social Sciences, STEM, and The Arts.

The school won the Language Literature and Social Science categories of the regional event.

English teacher Airlie White said four teams of seven students designed responses to pre-contest challenges in Language Literature, Social Sciences and STEM.

“At the tournament, our years 7, 8 and 9 students presented solutions to their category problem as a timed play using props in a limited area,” she said.

“The literature challenge required students to rework a classic story into a new context using different media styles.

“In the social sciences challenge, students discussed a global issue with four people from the past. Point scoring criteria included issue identification, research on the chosen identities, and conversation analysis.

“The winning teams collaborated well, and demonstrated carefully researched ideas in ways designed to intrigue and impress the judges, and the audience.”

Miss White said the nearly 20 school rivals “played an A game” battle for supremacy.

“Our winning teams will now practise for the international final on Saturday 16 October,” she said.

Tournament of Minds was hosted by the school on 4 September.

International teams are fielded by several nations, including Egypt, New Zealand, South Africa, Thailand, Uganda and the United Arab Emirates.

Airlie White (left) with years 7, 8 and 9 tournament contenders.

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