Coding cartoon migrations


Woodroffe Primary School students have overcome programming challenges to advance their coding skills.

With the assistance of Marita Cheng, chief executive of interactive robotics company Aubot, Year 3/4 students accessed a program with more than 12,000 coding exercises, and were guided by a USA-based computer science student.

Assistant Principal Peter Slidders said: “The students learnt to write codes to move cartoon characters — such as pandas, crabs, spiders, sheep and dinosaurs — on a page.

“They created a sequence using blocks to move the characters into different positions, and through difficulty levels.

“It was a trial and error process, and students regularly adjusted the coding instructions to meet their goals.

”They described the experience as ‘amazing’, and an insightful look at ways coding can be used in video game development.

“The students are ambitious to create a range of games focussing on being safe, kind and respectful, or virtual hide and seek, virtual travel, or a maze with hidden treasure.”

Woodroffe students polish their coding skills
Woodroffe students polish their coding skills

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