Club coding and robot fun


Larapinta Primary School students are using Scratch and Scratch Desktop to direct the movement of robots.

The two programming languages are used by junior and senior coders to guide the missions of Lego, Spheros and Beebots robots.

Teacher Deborah Simpson said the languages learnt at a lunchtime coding club are used at the after school robotics club.

“Because the older students used Lego WeDo robots last year they can code motors to turn wheels, rotate fans, and make contraptions walk,” she said.

“The students have created dancing and walking robots using Spike Prime [robot] kits.

“They are trying to programme Lego EV3 robots to become rescue bots, and complete a rescue mission.

“Some students have an elementary knowledge of coding and robotics, but others have advanced to coding their own games.”

Ms Simpson said the school is competing in FIRST Lego League, the interactive hands-on science, technology, engineering and mathematics challenge.

“I am investigating being part of a Robo Cup competition this year, or having our ownrobotics club contest,” she said.

“The clubs are helping students belong, connect, and grow.”

Larapinta robotics

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