Book Week eggstravaganza


Anula Primary School students were goggle-eyed by a giant mysterious egg ’laid’ in the school grounds.

The egg appeared during the 75th anniversary of Book Week.

Assistant Principal Tanya Harvey said: “The kids were incredibly curious about the mysterious egg, and speculations about its ‘mother’ varied from an ostrich, a dinosaur, a dragon, and a multicoloured unicorn.

”Teachers got the students writing about the egg and its contents. Everyone had an opinion, and it generated some fabulous descriptive writing.

“In the Book Week parade, students and staff appeared in creative costumes to mimic characters from a range of literature.

“The parade included Harry Potters, Superman, a very hungry caterpillar, several Gangsta Grannies, Wolf Girl, and many princesses.

“Fairy godmother and librarian, Miss Lana, transformed the school library into a magical Book Fair.

“Book Week was a wonderful literary event that excited students’ imaginations.”

Anula Book Week
A student enjoys reading about adventurous children in an edition of Enid Blyton’s The Famous Five.

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