Attitude app signposts students’ sentiments


A three-month trial with an emotion recording app has been hailed a huge success by Larrakeyah Primary School.

The YouHue app is a mood tracker used by students to indicate their level of wellbeing.

Originally piloted by years 1, 3 and 6 classes, students use interactive emoticons to log their feelings.

Senior Teacher Danni Mattiazzo said the app helps students “understand their emotions, and better manage and communicate them.”

“Transition to Year 6 students use an iPad to log an emotion at the start of the day,” she said.

“They select an emoticon, and if they choose, comment on why they are feeling that way. Teachers can then start a discussion with students, applying different strategies to help them advance.

“It has also given us great data about how the child is feeling at school when parents raise issues or concerns.

“And teachers use this information to create additional wellbeing opportunities in their class.”

Ms Mattiazzo said teachers use YouHue to better support learning, identify and address issues, and build more meaningful relationships.

“By learning to express themselves positively, early childhood students develop the skills needed to effectively manage their feelings,” she said.

“Using YouHue, students comfortably share some of their deepest thoughts and feelings with their teachers.”

Attitude app

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