Aphroditav publicists score space design win


An advertisement for a Venus orbiting space settlement has won Division 5/6 of the national Junior Space Design Competition.

A 90-second video advertisement made by Nakara Primary School students Samritha, Scarlett, Alina and Gianna, promoted final stage construction of Aphroditav, a space base circumnavigating the planet.

Teacher Jo Masters said: “The contenders were challenged to attract second round funding to complete the orbiting residential and mining operations base.

“Our students invented The Beyond the Stars Agency — a year 2087 marketing consultancy that eclipsed the Shukra Off World Investments of divisional rival Castle Hill Public School.

“Submissions demonstrated research into space settlement, an assessment of space-based resources, structural and aerospace engineering, and an understanding of marketing principles and video production.

“The judges believed the Nakara video excellently addressed the contest criteria: creativity, plausibility, thoroughness and balance.

“The students were thrilled, and a little surprised, by the triumph. They were very impressed by the Castle Hill video, and were worried it had beaten them.

“We are proud of these four students, and gratified the school is nationally acknowledged.”

The project was part of the school’s Learning In Action program. Ms Masters believes the competition will entice future LIA participants to select a science, technology, engineering and mathematics option.

The results were broadcast online at the 24 October finale.

Samritha, Scarlett, Alina and Gianna, are delighted by the victory announcement.

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