Air to air


In a recent week-long visit to Alice Springs — students who learn from the air — took to the air.

The residential camp for 11 Alice Springs School of the Air students was a chance to fly whisper quiet gliders.

The middle years’ visitors were novice aviators who flew in tandem with an experienced pilot.

The beginners were briefed on gliding dynamics, including why the two seat planes can fly without an engine.

Principal Kerrie Russell said a group tour of different gliders preceded individual safety briefings by the pilot.

“This is the first time the school has offered gliding, and the first time NT Soaring had a school group,” she said.

“It’s always useful for enquiring minds to get a different perspective on the world.

“All the students rated gliding as the best activity of their stay, and several are keen to repeat it.”

One student said, “It was even better than Minecraft.”

Ms Russell said the residential camps are a “great way to develop social skills by interacting face to face with their peers”.

“During the camps they also engage in academic work, and get the opportunity to work collaboratively,” she said.

“When we do our Year 9 exit interviews, students consistently rate residential camps as the ‘number one highlight’ of their middle years.”

School of the Air student with the instructor
School of the Air student with the instructor.

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