Wearable tech gets students moving


Exercise and sports science expert Dr Jim Lee has introduced STEMfit technology to Clyde Fenton Primary School students.

The Charles Darwin University lecturer was keen to learn if the small wearable devices, designed to collect personal movement data, would better engage students with science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

The innovation was to translate the technology use from elite athletes to school kids,” he said. “The students ran, walked and jumped, and the performance information collected was used to resolve maths problems.

“Students who had never picked up a ruler before were suddenly thinking and reasoning their way through complex maths conundrums.

“With STEMfit they could see the data on screen as they jumped, and understand the science based on evidence, not theory.

STEMfit has also been trialled at Timber Creek, Bulla Camp and Amanbidji schools.

“The aim is to deliver to schools a program that teachers can plug in and run without any need for additional software, or training,” Dr Lee said.

Wearable tech gets students moving

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