Video victors shine in love clip contest


Basic recording equipment propelled Urapunga School to one of three top places in the Territory Day Schools Video Competition.

Urapunga School

Set against the Black Rock Band song Family, schools were invited to create a film clip depicting their love of the Territory, and their home place.

Urapunga School joined Gillen and Stuart Park primary schools in eclipsing 44 other contenders.

Urapunga School principal and sole teacher Tracy Dargan said in the absence of ICT equipment, her iPhone was a mobile sophisticate compared to a desktop computer and litter of old iPads.

“The students created draft storyboards and scouted for many film locations likely to complement the song,” she said.

“We looked at how to make a movie, discussed different shots, angles, close-ups, long distance views, and to use places important to them.

“The community were intimately involved from the beginning, describing what they wanted to see included and approving filming in traditional lands.

“But the hardest part of the song was the inclusion of people’s skin names; that was very important.”

Stuart Park Primary School

Stuart Park Primary School teacher Ahna Hawkett said about 280 students were involved in the competition, and they identified diversity as the Territory touchstone and focus of the film clip.

“It included variety in our beautiful environment, our rich cultural and religious differences, and our assortment of opportunities,” she said.

“The students gathered on the school’s manicured grounds, arranging themselves into an acronym easily identified from the air as ‘NT’.

“They also formed a cosmopolitan chequerboard of singers and dancers framed by a moving boarder of different national flags.

“Using an array of lettered panels they spelt out some attractions of Territory life.

“The music teacher Alastair Marshall, the senior choir and student leaders, made extraordinary contributions to our success.”

Gillen Primary School

Gillen Primary School students largely backdropped their contest response with the MacDonnell Ranges and historic icons.

The Alice Springs-based champion made a clip that alternated between movies and photographs of students.

Principal Donna O’Brien said the video celebrated the “uniqueness of the students, but also their oneness in the school community”.

“It helped demonstrate these fantastic students are strong individuals, and part of a cohesive family,” she said. “We highlighted their happiness and appreciation of their part of the Territory.

“The film sites are significant to our school and students’ families. They are historically important, but also places where children physically interact with the environment.”

Transition teacher Heather Pedrotti said the video, comprising 30 Transition students, reflected the school’s values: Kind, Creative and Proud.

“The students listened to the song and talked about the lyrics, especially how the theme of family linked to the ‘Gillen Family’,” she said.

“It has been wonderful to showcase these children. They will grow up to be role models in the Territory.”

Video victors shine in love clip contest
On film locations, Gillen Primary School student Kaicia King (courtesy Heather Pedrotti). Inset: Urapunga School filmmakers.

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